Website Design

Your website needs to be attractive and engaging, but it also needs to function well on various different devices and be easy to navigate. It needs to be scaleable so that your website can grow with your business, and it needs to be fast, secure and rank well in search engines. Above all, it needs to be affordable and fit within your budget.

We're transparent in both our pricing and the way in which we work, and our costs are based on the amount of days we anticipate it will take to build your website, multiplied by our day rate. Every website is different so the time that is takes to build your website is fully dependent on the functionality required. If you'd like to discuss your requirements with us, click here to drop us an email.

We offer annual website and email hosting packages, which you can find more information about here.

We don't use open-source content management systems like WordPress. Instead, every website we build is bespoke. This ensures that your website is fast, secure and easy to update. We're also more than happy to manage your site for you, if you'd prefer.

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